Month: February 2021

Head of the Olympics Committee’s Sexist Remarks Can’t Happen Again

A petition, started by Kazuna Yamamoto, Momoko Nojo, and Kazuko Fukuda on February 4th, has gathered nearly 157.000 signatures in a week against the Head of the Olympics Committee’s sexist remarks. After a week, Yoshihiro Mori announced that he resigned from his position. In this article, Voice Up Japan’s founder shares her thoughts with the Voice Up Japan Media team about her thoughts on this issue and discrimination in Japan

Voice Up Japan creates its very first magazine

The process of creating the magazine was more than writing entries. We also wanted to have a writing process in which each member respected each other, share their opinion in an environment that they feel safe and felt no hierarchy. Of course, as a community, Voice Up Japan reunites us on values we commonly share, a guideline “that envisions an equitable society regardless of one’s gender, sexuality, race, nationality, or religion where nobody is silenced and everyone can voice up to improve an issue or pursue their happiness”. A place where everyone can feel heard and safe. This guideline shaped our philosophy in our process making the magazine.