“Same-Sex Partnership: After an Incomplete Certificate What’s Next?

There is an accumulation of local governments issuing same-sex partnerships certificates. Although the same-sex partnership system brings recognition of same-sex couples, it is still not the endpoint when it comes to equality. As Voice Up Japan, we interviewed people from Nagoya, a city that is going to adopt same-sex partnership in 2021, to understand what the same-sex partnership system is and what it implies for LGBT people in Japan.

riot girl zine

Against the Mainstream, Feminist Zines in Japan

Written by Elif Erdogan Translated to Japanese by Ayşe Haruka Açıkbaş Oshima Jigsaw Zine, Issue #3, 1991 Source: https://thequietus.com/articles/11245-riot-grrrl-20-years-retrospective Zine is a self-published, do it yourself (DIY) type of fanzines that rejects the mainstream ideas that are imposed on us such as we should be silent or we should behave like  “good girls”. Feminist zines …

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