Head of the Olympics Committee’s Sexist Remarks Can’t Happen Again

A petition, started by Kazuna Yamamoto, Momoko Nojo, and Kazuko Fukuda on February 4th, has gathered nearly 157.000 signatures in a week against the Head of the Olympics Committee’s sexist remarks. After a week, Yoshihiro Mori announced that he resigned from his position. In this article, Voice Up Japan’s founder shares her thoughts with the Voice Up Japan Media team about her thoughts on this issue and discrimination in Japan


n Sakie Ladies Clinic in Nagoya, Doctor Sakie Niwa and Shiori Nagashima approach gynecology in a sex-positive way. Voice Up Japan met them to talk about inclusion in practices and to understand issues that surround gynecology, not only limited to health but also related to many other factors such as the low representation of female politicians in the Diet.


同性パートナーシップ証明制度を取り組む自治体が増えている近年。この制度は同性カップルを認めるステップとなったが、平等への道なりはまだ終わっていない。Voice Up Japanは同性パートナーシップ証明制度がどのようなものであるか、また、それが日本のLGBTコミュニティにもたらす影響を理解するべき、2021年にこの制度を導入する予定である名古屋市に住む人たちをインタビューしました。

riot girl zine

主流に抗う: 日本のフェミニスト・ジン

Written by Elif Erdogan Translated to Japanese by Ayşe Haruka Açıkbaş Oshima Jigsaw Zine, Issue #3, 1991 Source: https://thequietus.com/articles/11245-riot-grrrl-20-years-retrospective Zine is a self-published, do it yourself (DIY) type of fanzines that rejects the mainstream ideas that are imposed on us such as we should be silent or we should behave like  “good girls”. Feminist zines shaped zine culture established riot grrrl movement and rejected notions like how a “girl” should be. In Japan, feminist zine scene can be seen through Tokyo Zinester Gathering, online shop called Lilmag and Mishima (Shizuoka)’s Cry in Public. For this article, we will be interviewing three zine publishers in Japan. Kiyoshi Murakami Kiyoshi Murakami Morning …

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