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感染症拡大とメンタルヘルス: 東北大学の場合

By Trishit Banerjee | Translated by Kiyou Kamisawa With isolation and income reduction, students are very vulnerable. Voice Up Japan surveyed students at Tohoku University to understand how the pandemic has been affecting their mental health. In April 2020, Tohoku University announced ¥400 million emergency assistance for students affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a December 2020 Ashinaga survey of 1,690 university students it supports financially across Japan found that 25% of respondents contemplated quitting university in the pandemic. With isolation growing from more students being confined to their homes in addition to the reduction in their incomes, Voice Up Japan surveyed students at Tohoku University to understand how …

感染症拡大とメンタルヘルス: 東北大学の場合 もっと読む »


n Sakie Ladies Clinic in Nagoya, Doctor Sakie Niwa and Shiori Nagashima approach gynecology in a sex-positive way. Voice Up Japan met them to talk about inclusion in practices and to understand issues that surround gynecology, not only limited to health but also related to many other factors such as the low representation of female politicians in the Diet.

日本で「同性婚」は実現可能なのか? ー 異性間との不平等について、改めて問う ー

同性パートナーシップ証明制度を取り組む自治体が増えている近年。この制度は同性カップルを認めるステップとなったが、平等への道なりはまだ終わっていない。Voice Up Japanは同性パートナーシップ証明制度がどのようなものであるか、また、それが日本のLGBTコミュニティにもたらす影響を理解するべき、2021年にこの制度を導入する予定である名古屋市に住む人たちをインタビューしました。


生理用品はなぜ置いていないの? 展示から始まったプロジェクト

by Haruka Nakajima /Translated by Sachi Kikuchi “Why are there no sanitary products in the washrooms?” Starting with this question, Rino Nakashima, a sex education producer, planned the “Exhibition of Sanitary Products”. Last year, the exhibition held at the event, SFC Creative Week, at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) provided an opportunity to reconsider menstruation. Voice Up Japan asked Ms. Nakashima about the details of her participation in SFC Creative Week, and her reaction to the exhibition.  (From Ms. Nakashima’s Twitter) -What caused you to question the fact that there were no free sanitary products in the washrooms? Just last year, many things about menstruation changed. A movie about …

生理用品はなぜ置いていないの? 展示から始まったプロジェクト もっと読む »


Pato-chan, as nicknamed to protect her identity, is a transgender woman originally from the Philippines who arrived in Japan in 2015. Because she overstayed her visa, she was detained within the detention center of Tokyo Regional Immigration Services for 15 months, where she was totally isolated because she is transgender. Pato-chan answered my call from her bed. She feels physically and mentally ill since her experience at the detention center of Tokyo Regional Immigration Services. She now lives with her brother in Chiba prefecture. “I suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). The thing is, I am afraid to get out of the house. I have the …

トランスジェンダー女性は収容経験について声を出す もっと読む »

Image of Jaime Smith

アイデンティティの交差点で: ジェイミー・スミス[BLM東京] との対談

Jaime Smith of BLM Tokyo discusses the complexities of intersectional politics, interrogates what it means to be Black and LGBT+, and explores where to go from here in the current global political climate and in our historical moment. By Alexine Castillo Yap | Translated into Japanese by Ayşe Haruka Açıkbaş Voice Up Japan got to speak with Jaime Smith, currently Vice-Chair and head of the graphic design team of BLM (Black Lives Matter) Tokyo. Outside of BLM Tokyo, Jaime works as a graphic designer and teacher. Jaime is originally from Baltimore, Maryland in the U.S. and has been in Tokyo since 2017. In this interview, I ask Jaime about the …

アイデンティティの交差点で: ジェイミー・スミス[BLM東京] との対談 もっと読む »


Written in Japanese by Mai Miura | Translated by Daniel Read Ryota Yoshii presents himself with a flashy shirt, big motif earrings, and makeup. VUJ sat down with Ryota and talked about breaking stereotypical notions of “manliness” with his personal style and how it affected his way of thinking and how he sees society. Arriving at our Zoom interview in a bright red shirt dotted with black and gold, Ryota explained that when it comes to deciding on his daily fashion looks, he is “always wearing black skinny jeans” and tries “to make [his] top half really pop.” He explains his makeup style as “natural style.” He usually goes for …

ジェンダーレスファッションで自己表現しよう もっと読む »


同性パートナーシップ証明制度を取り組む自治体が増えている近年。この制度は同性カップルを認めるステップとなったが、平等への道なりはまだ終わっていない。Voice Up Japanは同性パートナーシップ証明制度がどのようなものであるか、また、それが日本のLGBTコミュニティにもたらす影響を理解するべき、2021年にこの制度を導入する予定である名古屋市に住む人たちをインタビューしました。