n Sakie Ladies Clinic in Nagoya, Doctor Sakie Niwa and Shiori Nagashima approach gynecology in a sex-positive way. Voice Up Japan met them to talk about inclusion in practices and to understand issues that surround gynecology, not only limited to health but also related to many other factors such as the low representation of female politicians in the Diet.

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At the start of Thursday night’s debate its moderator, Kristen Welker of NBC News, delivered a polite but firm instruction: The matchup should not be a repeat of the chaos of last month’s debate. It was a calmer affair and, for the first few segments, a more structured and linear exchange of views.

Breaking a Taboo: Women Open Up About Slut Shaming in Japan

Celebrating female sexuality has been a struggle for decades and women would be shamed if they do : this is called slut-shaming. It can have detrimental results. This time we talked with women in Japan to break this taboo. In Japan, “I am experiencing slut-shaming all the time” confess Aisha, a Japanese Indonesian national working and living in Japan. “I am relatively open about how I have sex with people who I am not in a relationship with, or how I enjoy having sex, and interestingly people enjoy that… By making a joke out of it.” She recalls a moment when she was slut-shamed. “At my previous work, my colleague, …

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Voice Up Japan Demands Legal Reform for the Law Regarding Sexual Violence

By Rhea Endo Tuesday, March 17th, was a big day for Voice Up Japan. Along with Spring, Human Rights now and a few other organisations, we presented 94,231 signatures to the minister of justice, Masako Mori, to officially demand a legal reform of the law regarding sexual violence. On March 17th Mio Kodama and myself represented Voice Up Japan to submit a petition to the minister of justice Masako Mori demanding legal reform for the law regarding sexual violence, along with advocacy organisations Spring, Human Rights Now, and many others. The petition asked for a revision of the penal code to make sex without consent a crime (English version here). The petition started in …

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Happiness as Women in Japan

By Christian Wolfer INTERVIEW – Originally from Osaka, Miyu Takashima owns a high-end dental clinic in Tokyo. She is also an entrepreneur in the field of vintage kimonos. Independent and free, she won’t hesitate to break many prevalent stereotypes and norms concerning what it means to be a woman in Japan. It’s generally not often that you hear about women who are dentists and entrepreneurs and from Japan. What is your background? I was raised in Osaka by a traditional father and a mother who was a housewife. It was an arranged marriage and she didn’t have the choice to pursue her own happiness. Still, already as a child I …

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