Meeting with SPA! Magazine

On January 9th, the team from Voice Up Japan had a face-to-face meeting with the writers of Shu-Kan Spa, the Japanese tabloid magazine that created the ranking of “easy access” girls, to talk about why this article was problematic and how they can actually actively fight against such sexualization and objectification of women.

The meeting was extremely successful and our members left feeling hopeful about the future of gender equality in Japan.

For more details, please read our petition update here.

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私たちVoice Up Japanとして、日本における共同親権について、その現状を理解したい、なぜタブーなのかを知りたい、様々に論争が繰り広げられる本題に関して建設的な議論を構築したく執筆しました。ご意見などございましたら、ぜひ下のコメント欄にお書きください。