Voice Up Japan at

meiji university

Student President:  Mai Kato         Faculty Advisor: TBD           Year Founded: 2020


Prompt self-reliance and problem awareness of Meiji Universiy students (More than 30,000 students in 2019) towards social issues. Especially from the perspective of “intersexuality” incuding gender, sexuality, or race. 

Hold a wide variety of events to serve as a place to think and discuss about social problems through promoting on SNS and utilizing the strength of the community.



Address various kind of social issues from the perspective of “intersexuality”.

Maintain a welcoming enivironment for Meiji University students so that they feel free to consult with us on matters of discrimination or abuse.

MEmber Testimony

"Ever since I can remember, it hasn’t been that easy to be myself in a society where traditional male or female stereotypes are deeply rooted in. As a member of Voice Up Japan, I’d like to contribute to making our society where everyone can live freely and equally regardless of gender identities, sexual orientation, and race. We Meiji branch would like to involve everyone at Meiji to take notice of social issues and to MAKE A CHANGE!!!"
Mai Kato
"When I delve into one social problem, I find that it is connected to other problems in a daisy chain. Sometimes I feel desperate that no matter how hard I try, the problem may never be solved. However, when I'm taking action with the members who share the same goals, I feel positive that some people may be saved one by one every day by our action. Through this activity, I want to become a person who can voice up toward what I think is wrong!"
Fuko Tomita
SNS Team
"I think that if we want to change society, we need to start by reflecting on ourselves and our own position. I only joined VUJM very recently, but I already notice how my motivation towards learning and understanding more about society´s issues, as well as changing myself, has grown. I hope that with our joined knowledge and different perspectives that we bring, we will be able to raise awareness and help create a society in which everyone is equal."
Jessica Boentges
Management Team/Translation Team
"When I played soccer with boys during my childhood, I realized that girls and boys are different, hearing what other people said. Why do they say such things? Is it because I am a girl? I want to express individuality. It is difficult to carry it out in this society which has a lot of barriers, but I work hard for a world which allow people to live freely. In Voice Up Japan, I will learn about social problems and search for ways of solving them!"
Natsumi Tasaki
Event Team

social media