As part of our mission to support survivors of sexual abuse and gender discrimination, we have compiled a list of informational resources and services that we hope will be of service to our community. 

legal counsel

Hou Terrace 
Provides information on the Japanese legal system, bar associations and relevant organizations at no cost as well as on topics of loans, divorce, labor, accidents, visas,  and natural disasters.

Counseling Centers by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Provides legal counseling to foreigners in various languages. You are required to make an appointment in advance.

mental health

Tokyo English Lifeline (TELL)
Serving Japan’s international community since 1973, TELL offers phone, chat, and face-to-face counseling.

Tokyo Counseling Services (TCS)
The TCS team of counseling and psychotherapy professionals is expert in individual counseling, couples and marriage counseling, divorce and separation support, international marriage counseling and international family issues.


Tokyo Pregnancy Group 
TPG gives pregnant women and women trying to conceive a chance to meet other expecting and TTC mothers. Meetings provide an opportunity for members to learn about and discuss various issues related to conception, pregnancy, delivery and newborn parenting in Japan.

HELP Women’s Shelter
HELP is an emergency shelter that accepts women and children regardless of race, visa status, or nationality.

AMDA International Medical Center
AMDA International Medical Center offers free medical interpretation services alongside other services with the goal of supporting foreign resident’s access to the Japanese medical system. 

Colabo works to create a society in which all girls have clothing, food, shelter, and people they can rely on.
A society in which girls in trouble do not find themselves being exploited or exposed to violence.



This list is by no means exhaustive. If you have a resource that you think would be useful to add to this page, please contact us through our contact page here: